Oxycontin OP 10mg


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6 reviews for Oxycontin OP 10mg

  1. Otis Melton

    Oxycontin OP 10mg effectively managed my post-surgery pain. The extended-release formula ensured I wasn’t taking pills every few hours. Still, I’d advise anyone to use under strict doctor’s guidance

  2. Reyansh Oneill

    I was prescribed Oxycontin OP 10mg after my hip replacement. It did its job in controlling pain but caused some mild constipation. Please consult your doctor about potential side effects.

  3. Axl Savage

    This medication was a game changer for my chronic back pain. I finally experienced relief after years. Always use as directed and ensure you have a solid plan with your physician for safe usage.

  4. Joey Ho

    Oxycontin OP 10mg provided the consistent pain relief I needed. However, it’s crucial to be cautious with its usage. Dependency can be a concern if not monitored closely.

  5. Trace Beltran

    I found the medication to be highly effective. That said, it’s paramount to understand the potential risks and use it strictly under medical supervision

  6. Morgan Pitts

    Effective pain control without needing frequent dosing! Oxycontin OP 10mg has made my recovery process smoother. Do ensure you follow your doctor’s advice closely

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